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Is there movement among you that warrants My presence (appearance)?  I am always near.  I am always present yet the moving forward as if I will show up and make My presence known has been missing.  You are beginning to see a longing, a desire for My presence to be known in ways I have not revealed to you yet.  Teach each other to recognize My presence when it is near (words, manifestations, thoughts, actions, etc)

Believe My presence will move the earth (both spiritually and physically) and attribute all of these things to Me.  No longer will nations be able to stand alone, no longer will nations (tribes) be able to claim sovereignty over the land.  It all belongs to Me and My people, no matter where they are (on this earth) must come together as one voice to proclaim My sovereignty.

Do not be afraid and do not be tentative.  Make for yourselves a fortress of stone –those things that are solid and immovable and true-  My word, My presence in your lives and My direction, as I lead you.  This fortress must be the only thing you cling to as I shake the world even more (physically and spiritually).

You say “yes, this is true and this is right” and “we know these things and have heard You proclaim these things before” but you must understand the urgency of the (this) time.  I have always used My people and My prophets to proclaim who I am and what you must do to turn back to Me and make your lives a sacrifice to Me.  But now, My children, you must understand the words to be especially  potent and unmistakable.  The earth, your world is shaking and will continue to shake (in all areas – culturally, spiritually, governmentally, etc) as like no other time since the creation began.  Hear Me – this time is like no other and you must know how you are to respond.  Yes, continue to teach each other and affirm in each other My works.

Psalm 85:9