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Your sense of urgency is right.  I’m providing telephone calls to you (figuratively or physically?   Answer: both) to warn you, to prepare you, to inform you of the doom and destruction to come.  Yes, doom and destruction.  I do not say that to scare you but to prepare you, to let you know what is about to happen.  My words are right in this, My “predictions” to you are correct.  The same message you have been hearing over and over is correct (right).  I have given that message to many of My prophets in order for people to be saved.  I want to fore-warn all those that will listen. (Get on the boat!!  The storm is coming!!)  See to it that your own house is in order so that you will not have to worry about your own family.  Because you prepare (and take the preparations seriously), I will take care (watch over) them.  I do (say )this in order that you may then begin to go out amongst the people who will hear and also prepare.   Many have heard to prepare and get ready from other places.  And then when they hear it from you whom they trust, they will then decide to – or not to- prepare their own homes and their own families

This is first a physical preparation – food, water, safety, shelter.  Do not tarry in this.  Time is not long and you must begin work to spiritually prepare.  You must learn how to stand.  You must prepare to know what you believe, who you trust to lead you, how you will turn your lives to be in obedience to Me.  Determine these things now.  For as time goes on, it will become harder and harder to choose if you have not already chosen.

Open up a way (portal?) for Me into your lives (heart).  As you place Me there, I will reveal more to you each day as the time of great revelations is (has) begun.  Do not hide from Me any longer for I wish for you to be saved.  I desire for all to be saved.  Yes, prepare, for a time of great trial has begun.  It will be a lasting trial and only those who know Me will prevail.  Prepare your home and family, prepare your hearts, prepare to receive instruction and then go into those places I send you to speak preparation to them.  Again, time is short, do not tarry, do not delay.  The urgency you feel is correct.

I sing My praises into your land (home, sphere of influence) because you have chosen to listen, to heed My warnings and My instructions.  Surely your offspring may be blessed from this generation forward.

Amen and amen!