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Apocalypse it will seem, but not yet.  Things in the  earth will happen that will make you think the end is near (imminent) but it is not yet.  Great tragedy, great trials will come upon you – all of you- all nations.  For now, as one nation is moved, so will I move the others.  My spirit is present in every nation on every people.  People will begin to cry out as each destruction, each tragedy, each obliterated idea (ideal) come upon them.  They will say, “Look what the world has done, look what our leaders have done” and they will cry out in contempt for their leaders and begin to look for new leaders.  It is then I will respond to their cries.  I will raise up those I have been preparing, those that have been waiting to seize upon the time God tells them to move and come forward.  I want you to know that there are many of them.  Let this give you hope – that the people I have been preparing are waiting to hear the “Go forth now” command I will issue.  And those leaders that have led the people with ungodly rule and malicious intent – woe to them – for My anger burns strong for them.  They will see what fools they have been and wish they had never been born, for their punishment will be great.  I Am the God who will take vengeance for My people.

Now as for you, all of you who seek this day, to know My will, to know My plans – take heart.  I will not leave you with emptiness or confusion.  I will place in you an assurance that you will know is from Me.  You are right to understand that I am about many things in this time (this age) and I know that you have fear and dread for what I am about to do.  That is why I tell you this day about the assurance I will place in you.  I want you to understand how much more there is beyond what you are experiencing (and will experience).  You are locked in with Me and I give you forewarning of what is to come.  I will not (never) blindside you.  Do not let the fear and dread paralyze you from doing what I ask of you in these days.  Be assured I am with you, be assured I have overcome it all and be assured I have made provision for you.

Stay close to Me.  Do not pollute your mind with earthly things designed to hold you down and stifle My work in you.  You are a warrior – I have chosen you to be in this time to participate in this most wondrous time.  I prepared you for strength.  Do not be afraid.  I hear your trepidation and I have taken care of it.  Do as I say and see the great work that I will do amongst the chaos.

You are a great and mighty work for I have created you that way.  Go forward, be blessed, have assurance in what I have told you and “be ye perfect” (totally fit for the purpose at hand).  I love you – I love you – Amen