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Early 2013

A move of God is approaching.  A move of God is fast approaching.  See with your eyes what I am doing in the earth and know it is not as anything you’ve seen before.  Take note of the things I am doing in the natural world –economies, governments, politics, attitudes, sensibilities.  This is all not as anything you have seen before.  Pay attention for these are precursors to what I will do next, what My true intentions are.  There will be many who are surprised by what will come, but you, you the ones who have been paying attention and preparing, will not be surprised, for you have listened when I have sent warnings to  prepare.  If there is anyone who doubts, let him only to look to the Father for confirmation.  I AM TELLING YOU TO GET READY!

Populations will vanish, peoples will be extinguished and others will look upon those with horror.  They will think they are next.  Some will be next because their leaders have led them astray but I tell you this, I will save many.  I will surely save many because I see what those who have prepared have done.  Have done to prepare their thoughts, their souls, their lives, their children, their homes, prepared everything spiritual and natural.  Don’t look upon what is to happen in surprise and shock.  Be strong in knowing My presence is near and upon you because you have taken the time to know Me, to know what I am asking you to do in order to come through what I am about to bring.

I tell you this day, I love you and desire your safety with Me.  Hold up your heads and be unto Me.  Be the ones I have created you to be – for this time and this place.  I have confidence in what I have placed in you.  You also must have that same confidence.  I love you and blessed be My name upon the earth.  Amen