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Believe on these things I am telling (showing) you.  There is destruction coming.  There is a mighty sword coming to rip apart the evil ones.  The evil ones.  Do not be afraid of this for it is a cleansing of the land – a purging of the wicked.  Nothing and no one will be immune to this judgment.  I have heard your cries – the cries of My people – the ones who bear My cross, call upon (on) My name and seek to invoke justice (righteous justice) to right the wrongs.  I see them, I hear them and I know their hearts are marked for good.  The battle will wage and you will be fearful and apprehensive.  But I tell you, look closely, follow closely where My sword is going.  For My sword seeks also to cleanse the land – the very things you have been praying for.  Watch My sword – see where it goes to oppress the oppressor.  See where it goes to root out the ones who seek to do evil in secret.  My sword is wielding on your behalf, on behalf of those who are earnestly asking.  Do not be afraid when you see these things (begin to) happen.  Know that you (have) heard and know that you know its purpose.  In these things, pray for the protection of the innocent for surely they will be caught up in the events.  But even then, they are saved, for I know My own and they will be with Me.  I see you questioning this writing and know that it IS I who is speaking to you.  I desire My people to know – just as I’ve told you before.  Do not lament what is going on, but take it as a sign for a call to action.  Just as I told Jeremiah, do not be afraid to speak to them, the ones who are doing evil in My sight.  I will strengthen and uphold you in these things.  Seek the truth, speak the truth and do not relent in your opposition to evil.  I will uphold you, I will continue to speak to you (instruct you) and I will continue to make you My own (bless you).  See Me, see My Father and understand it is the Holy Spirit (Comforter) that brings you into The Presence.  Again, believe on these things I am telling you (I am impressing on you).  Do not be afraid of what you are seeing – instead, be encouraged – take that as a sign I am working in your midst to accomplish My purpose – the purpose you have been seeking (praying for).  Take heart, be encouraged and know I am with you always to bear, to shore up and to encourage you.  I am The Encourager, the One who knows you best.  Be blessed My child (children) and know that I am God, the Everlasting Covenant with the whole earth.  I love you. Amen.