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It is not you getting your mind around “right thinking”.  It is Me coming in and transforming (changing) your way of thinking.  You can not begin to move in this until you see Me in a whole new way.  I am not the God of “blessings” – material things.  I am the God of “Blessing” – Me coming into your life to totally transform it.  It can not be any other way.  For if you seek the blessings, you seek after the world and you are telling Me you want to live in the (this) world.  But if you seek Me, the Blessing, I know your mind is with me and I will come in to transform your (whole) life.  The simple premise of this is what people need to transform their lives, their attitudes, their desires.  So many people want their lives to be different.  They want their circumstances to change and that’s what they ask Me for – to come in a change their circumstances.  But I don’t because I do not want to hurt them even more, for I love them so much.  If I were to change their circumstances with their minds remaining the same, they would be happy for a little while but then be back in to the same place they were before and in fact, be in a deeper place than they were before.  No, My desire is not for changed circumstances – it is for a changed mind, a changed heart.  I want people to ask Me to come in and change (transform) their minds and hearts so that I, the Blessing, become a greater desire than the changed circumstances.  When you take your mind off of the situation you find yourself in and begin to focus on and seek (lust) after My desire for you, things will naturally begin to change.  I set it up where all of creation responds to Me.  I cause things to move and change – the earth responds to My command (My voice).  I created you to be a certain way, a certain thing and when you see yourself as created first rather than existing first, you can begin to focus on Me rather than yourself.  Again, know the difference between “blessings” and “Blessing”.  Blessing is far superior and The Way to transformation in your life, your circumstances.  I am Blessing.  So be it! Amen!