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Prepare To Be Prepared

“That you might prophesy.”  AllPoints is a prophetic church.  We try to keep our “ear to the ground” in the Kingdom.  We sense that in the time we live in, more than any other time up until now, the Lord is fulfilling the prophecy of Joel and Acts 2:  “‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh… and they shall prophesy…’”

Paul in 1 Cor 14, especially that you might prophesy…

It’s not for show, and it’s not for personal gain, notoriety, or elevation. The prophetic gift is for encouragement, building up and strengthening, correction and discipline in our spiritual walk. The prophetic is like the old Cold War DEW line—Distant Early Warning. God is a god of mercy and grace, but He is also a god of holiness, and of righteousness and justice—His holiness, righteousness, and justice are exclusively defined, protected, and projected by Him. We can enter into them, or we can establish them in our own understanding. But when we set the definitions, even though they might seem wise to us, they always fall short of what God would have us achieve. The end of our efforts is doomed to fail (PROVERB ends in death)

God’s desire is for His people who call on His name to be like Him, and when they wander, He warns. When they persist, God moves in judgment, for He has sworn by Himself to do so.

We feel God has been and is warning our world, and our nation, that He is not pleased with our focus on everything but Him. After the warning, over and over again in Scripture, comes the judgment.  And the judgment always begins with God’s own household—his family, his people.

In so many ways that have been exhaustively detailed, analyzed, autopsied, and then ignored, “the Church” has failed. There is not a single “denomination” still organized and operating that does not have position papers on why they are no longer growing, attracting new members, or keeping the ones they had. The judgment has begun at the “churches.” Yet most denominations point to the two or three or ten hot spots they have where growth is taking place, call it success, and ignore the hemorrhage from a thousand smaller places. A large percentage (in some cases the majority) of denominational church members, once they leave, do not simply go to another church and plug back in. They might bounce around for a while “looking for another church.” But eventually, many over time simply de-church.

In many ways, AllPoints is for the de-churched. Because “church” has been tried and found lacking, our focus has shifted to the Kingdom. “Churches” might rock on Sunday after Sunday, busily trying to maintain the status quo, but the Kingdom is coming. It can’t help but come. Jesus taught us to pray it because He prays it, and I for one am willing to bet the farm He is still praying for the Kingdom to come.

Kingdom doesn’t work by consensus, or committee recommendation, or popular vote through conventions. The Kingdom moves through surrender, yielding our will to His will, and obedience. It always has, and it always will. But that is why the prophetic is more important now than ever—not the prophetic that rallies people around a prophet building a cottage industry on their viewpoint and ideology, but the prophetic that strives to reach out and touch the spirit of Jesus while remaining open to the judgment, discipline, and correction that contact invariably brings. It takes a submission to His authority. It is not painless, nor is it comfortable, and nowhere in Scripture is it abundantly profitable, the many “for-profit prophets” notwithstanding.

It doesn’t matter much these days if you are a pre-Millennial, a-millennial, post -millennial. Our positions on eschatology—the branch of theology devoted to the study and understanding of end times and end things—will invariably miss it. Our sense of timing will miss it, and to date, every dummy that has staked their reputation on a date has blown it. Had to—for only the Father knows the date and time. But Scripture gives plenty of signs and warnings, and if we are not currently living into most of those signs and warnings, I for one dread to see what would really qualify!

So the prophetic ear becomes critical, not just for our day, but for our eternal destiny. From Isaiah to John, God’s prophets have always seen that this present age will end. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, and God will be among God’s own people. That’s the end game, and what it finally means to be Safe at Home. It has to start sometime. At some point in our lives, like in every generation before, the Ultimate, the Eskaton, the End Things, become most important. For if we simply live our lives looking for Jesus to make things comfortable, easy, and predictable, we of all people are most to be pitied. Our lives are meant to honor, serve, and point to Him. Our lives are meant to be a living form of worship, moment in and moment out. If our bodies are, as Scripture says they are, “temples of the living God” then how can we dare do any less?

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.