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About AllPoints

AllPoints is made of up people who have been called out by God… for everyone at AllPoints was called out of where they were and what they were doing.

The lead minister was called out of the denomination he was originally ordained in… others were called out of their denomination of origin as well. Still others were called out of not going to church… Many of us came out of much larger churches… some of us came from small churches. Some of us were simply tired of wandering alone.

The common denominator with every person at AllPoints is a desire to go deep with the Lord, and to sink roots deeply in the Kingdom (as opposed to “church”). It is to grow and become all the Living and Most High God created, gifted, and called us to be—not for our own self-fulfillment and aggrandizement, but for the common good of the Kingdom; first at AllPoints and then the wider world.

The focus of what we do at AllPoints is to “make” disciples, beginning with each of us. If we are not first disciples ourselves, we certainly can’t lead anyone else into discipleship. The problem with most “disciple-making” is that is top-down, legalistic, programmatic… and simply does not work.

It is a life-long journey for the disciple to become like the Teacher, and it is a journey best made with good company. I think Scripture described it as “being of one mind and one accord.” That was not being in agreement over a set of doctrine and dogma and denominational ideologies… it was one mind and one accord set on the person of Jesus.

If we are not following Him, no matter how good, right, noble or true our path seems at the moment… we are on the wrong path. We are going the wrong way.

In the end, there really is only one Way. There really is only one Truth. There really is only one Life. And He has a name. It’s “Jesus.”