7675 Vaughn Rd Canton, GA 30115

About Us

We are…

Followers of Christ
A Mentoring Community
Striving toward maturity
Sharing the love of Christ


Here’s what members & friends are saying…


“People here have a strong desire to become disciples who look and act like the Master.”


“AllPoints is a place where disciples are made.  In Jesus’ time, the goal of the disciple was not to learn from the Rabbi, it was to become like the Rabbi in every way.  Just being a ‘believer’ or a ‘convert’ is much easier than being made into a disciple.”


“What I love about AllPoints:

  1. Meaningful communion service every week.
  2. Worship music that helps everyone participate in true worship.
  3. Sermons and discussions that enhance our individual walks with Jesus.
  4. Exposure to powerful prayers and answers to prayers.
  5. Love and friendships among us and with our God.
  6. Pure Christianity that is taught, made possible because of the absence of man-made doctrines and constraints.”


“You can ask deep questions here and they’re not afraid to say they don’t have all the answers… but they do know where to look and to Whom to look.”


“We are mentors tested by life, beginners just starting out, and everyone in-between.  But no matter one’s experience in following Christ, we work to remain teachable and follow Christ through the firm foundation of Holy Scripture, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance and encouragement through the community of Christian believers, both locally and worldwide.”


“To me, AllPoints Church is a prime example of the radical reformation that the greater Church itself needs.  In past years the Church has become so arrogant and judgmental and people are afraid to go to church because of a fear of being condemned or judged. At AllPoints, you can come to church without the fear of being judged by others. This church is a pure example of God’s love and how the church is supposed to act towards others. ‘Loving our neighbor as ourselves’ is a true and prominent theme every single Sunday.”


“Since I have been coming to AllPoints Church, I have felt so accepted, so loved and just happy to be there. Pastor Banks is amazing and what everybody loves about him is the fact that he is SOOO humble and he has really ‘been there.’ When you go to this church you aren’t going to listen to some lofty preacher telling you what you are doing wrong and how to be perfect like him and the rest of his congregation. You go there to learn how to better yourself day by day, taking one step at a time, without a feeling of condemnation. The people are very kind and very often pool their resources to help anyone of the church family that may be in need. I love their mission work, too. They take care of their own within the church and they also do outreaches to the people in our OWN community that are in the most need. The church is fairly small which I PERSONALLY love because I do not get overwhelmed with thousands of people, huge hallways and no idea where to go. The people are all friendly and the pastors there are amazing.  AllPoints is a good church to come to if you are looking for love, acceptance and no condemnation, as I previously stated.”


“AllPoints put my life back together. Never knew God really cared! Hallelujah!”


“…family fellowship… pastor who is led by the Spirit and not his own agenda… like-minded people who are seeking God’s love and the life he has for us… a people who have had hardship in their lives and are willing to be there for others who are hurting… a real family that is open to embrace others without judging… casual and intimate…”


“We’ve learned through experience that God actually does hear our prayers. He answers through healings, miracles, guidance, a peace that passes all understanding, and a place to call home.”


“We are willing to work for the purposes of God and His Kingdom, whether it means blessings or trials, because we love God. He loved us first, rescued us and set us free. We are so grateful.”


“Basically, I think AllPoints is for all people at whatever stage of their lives they are at in coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We are accepted with no condemnation. We are taught how to move forward in our walk with Christ and we are taught why and how to trust in the Lord.  We are accepted for who we are where we are, and it is our choice how to move forward.”


“My mother is Catholic, my father Jewish, my grandmother Baptist.  I have attended services with them my entire life.  When I walked into Allpoints, I knew I was home.”


“A ‘real’ place for ‘real’ people to worship… God does not expect you to get ‘gussied up’ for him, he has seen ALL of us at our worst… and yep, he STILL loves us… That’s a GOOD word right there…  I’m just sayin’.”


“A loving, open, and praying congregation where fellow Christians can hear the true word of God preached and find sanctuary from the barren world in which we live.”


“A church where you can let down your guard and find peace and solace in the presence of the one true God.”


“I have grown to love my family (church) and worship. I have grown and learned how to worship with Christ daily, even in the hectic daily life.  Praise God that I have struggles and thanking Him that he gets me through!”


Stand firm, keep the faith, have a zeal for the gift of love, for love first does no harm to the neighbor or stranger. ‘You are my friend if you keep my commandments… my commandment is this, that you love one another as I have loved you.’  John 15: 12-15