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Prayer at AllPoints

We connect with God is through prayer. Prayer, in its essence, is our connection to and with God through the Holy Spirit. Prayer is how we are united to God. Prayer is talking to God, but prayer is also listening to God, for prayer is one of

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About AllPoints

AllPoints is made of up people who have been called out by God… for everyone at AllPoints was called out of where they were and what they were doing. The lead minister was called out of the denomination he was originally ordained in… others were called out

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If you want the Good News in one word, this is it: Resurrection! The Judeo-Christian story can be summed up in two words: Life and Death. God is Life, everything else leads to death. In the Garden of Eden, there were two trees in particular. One was

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Prepare To Be Prepared

“That you might prophesy.”  AllPoints is a prophetic church.  We try to keep our “ear to the ground” in the Kingdom.  We sense that in the time we live in, more than any other time up until now, the Lord is fulfilling the prophecy of Joel and

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