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Children’s Ministries

Children of all ages are welcomed…and it’s not usual for our Lead Minister to comfort and still a crying baby as he preaches.


Allpoints Youth GroupYouth Ministries
Getting ready for some cool stuff!  Make sure to stay tuned!



Adult Ministries

Our current groups:

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We have an experienced team of women who pray one on one with other women. If you are experiencing situations in your life that you would like God to speak into, consider contacting us for this wonderful time of prayer. God always has something to say when we ask Him to come in and show us the way!

AllPoints also offers periodic conferences through our pastors and guest speakers.




AllPoints sees worship as a primary ministry. We are made up of members from various backgrounds and Christian faith traditions, and so we strive to keep our worship services friendly, with some familiar traditions, while seeking to find a common ground in worship. We celebrate Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper, at each worship service.



Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Our Intercessory prayer group is made up of both AllPoints members and other intercessors from around the metro area. We meet as needs arise and pray as the Lord leads. We meet to tackle specific issues and God has not failed yet to show up! If you are in need of prayer, or would like to join us in prayer, let us know. These times of intercession are powerful and we will pray with you!

The intercessory prayer team also travels to individual homes for healing and deliverance prayer, by appointment.




At Allpoints, we strive to make our outreach more than just another church program. We prayerfully consider where God might want our church to work, and we purposefully discern how He might want us to go about it. Once started, we continue to prayerfully discern the Lord’s direction, otherwise a mission can go on “auto-pilot” and continue long after it should have changed or even ended — and we’ve learned how essential the Holy Spirit is to all we do!

Allpoints Church also supports SERV Ministries International and MUST Ministries in Cherokee County.